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A new kind of bag holder. Revolutionary design allows for easy disposal of rubbish and refuse while allowing maximum comfort on the hands and wrist. Litter Gripper holds the bag open leaving the other free to sweep or collect waste. Perfect for grass, leaves, cuttings or any DIY debris. Every aspect has been carefully thought through and workshopped with builders, cleaners, council workers and other regular users of similar products. This means the final design is not only easy and comfortable to use but can also be used in a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications.


  • Helps keep most bag open

  • Leaves one hand clear to fill the bag

  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use

  • Can be placed on a stand and used as a conventional rubbish bin

  • Lower lip design allows for easy sweep up of garden waste or rubbish

  • Perfect for DIY debris

The cost of each unit is £14.98 including UK delivery.

On quantities please ask for a quote using the "Get a Quote" tab above.


Can be used as a dustpan

Littergripper range

Comes in a variety of colours


Can be placed on a stand for ease of use


For use on building sites


Ergonomically designed to prevent RSI


For delicate pruning and litter picking


For use in gardening projects, no matter how big!

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